15444 Very strong construction wheelbarrow with rectangular tray, puncture-proof tires, capacity 100 Liter


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15444 M-115-CT RH


M-115-CT Easy-Rider is a construction wheelbarrow with rectangular tray and puncture-proof tire.

Stronger – even more ergonomic!

Less weight at full load.

Strong rectangular tray (1.2 mm), with tray support.

Base frame made of oval tube 38x20mm.

Very strong chassis made of 25 mm round tube.

Continuous oval tube frame and back under tray.

Improved balance.

Steel rim with double closed ball bearings.

Ergonomic by higher placed handles (610mm), less stoop, easier to lift.

Barrier-free emptying.

Ergonomic natural rubber safety handles especially devised to the form of your hand.

Wear pads to extend the lifetime of the legs.

Horizontal grip, making the wrist straight and not bent and 4 instead of 2 fingers carry the load.

Simple and easy to empty because of the lower fronthead.

  • Strong rectangular tray 1.2mm.
  • Capacity 100 liters.
  • Strong tray with tray support.
  • Oval tube, (lighter and stronger).
  • Safety handles made of natural rubber ergonomically shaped deviced to the hand.
  • Puncture-proof tires (foamed polyurethane).
  • Steel rim double sealed ball bearings.

Builders Wheelbarrow Easy Rider Capacity 100 Litres, Puncture-Proof Tyre, Rectangular Tray

Weight: 16,6 Kg.
Capacity: 200 Kg. high density carefree tyre
Volume: 100 L
Dimensions: (LxWxH) 1450x590x620mm
Dimensions tray (LxWxH) 860x600x280mm
Handgrip height: 610

EAN CODE: 8718692436664,
Product group: Wheelbarrows

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Weight 16.6 kg
Dimensions 100- mm

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