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Matador is a service-oriented company, founded in 1895 and located in Helvoirt, the Netherlands. The Matador company consists of around 9000 square meters with more than 85 professionals and over 100 years of experience in metal technology. We proudly present our range of Matador ® wheelbarrows; a complete range of wheelbarrows, trolleys and tools for the construction, agriculture and horticulture industry.

Matador is your reliable partner for non-machine processing of metal pipe and sheet materials, steel constructions and metal parts.

“Matador is your reliable partner for non-cutting applications for metal tubes, constructions and metal sheets.”

- Paul Belgers, ceo
Paul Belgers

Our mission

We are creating a new way for professionals to work with sustainable and quality results.

Our vision

The goal of this company is to make the world more productive by optimizing work quality so that professionals can be as efficient possible.

Our value

Innovation, quality and sustainability are the hallmarks of our products. We have more than 125 years experience in this domain with an emphasis on innovation.

Genuine Dutch design and quality.
Made in the Netherlands.

All our wheelbarrows, construction equipment, platform trailers, steel transport carts and platform trailers are manufactured in our own factory in the Netherlands.

Metal customisation (Matador specials)

With metal customisation (Matador specials), Matador supplies a wide range of articles at customer request. With our Full Service Concept (FSC) we can develop and produce almost everything in-house; an efficient and cost-effective advantage.

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Our pride: MATADOR® wheelbarrows

As you can expect from a company with more than 100 years of experience, the Matador wheelbarrow is a quality product.

All Matador wheelbarrows have a durable, upcycled powder coating (available in all RAL colours) and they run super light. They have a strong pressed body with beaded edge, an oval tube frame for maximum strength and grip, are fully welded and have an ergonomic design with better balance.

Product improvement and innovation is an ongoing process.

History of Matador

Since its founding by Dirk de Jong in 1895, Matador has regularly moved due to growth. Matador has been around for more than 125 years, processing steel for more than 70 years. Our company consists of 9000 square meters and we employ 95 well-trained professionals.

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