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We innovate

Innovation is our passion! Development, production, and improvement is a continuous process.

Matador has an internal development team, both for its own developments as well as for custom-made products for third parties. Matador wants to help its customers make the right choices so that products can obtain the certified ergonomics hallmark (OSH & Ergonomics hallmark from VhPhP). We produce according to the "Lean Manufacturing Method" in which we respect the environment and produce in a circular rather than linear fashion (Cradle to Cradle)

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Matador specials

With metal customisation, Matador provides a wide range of solutions that fully meet the requirements of the customer. We have our ‘Full Service Concept’ which means almost everything is made in-house. Authentic metal technology with the FSC concept; an efficient and cost-effective advantage.

We supply products to the following industries:

Matador takes care of

VHP Ergonmics Quality Mark
Matador BV VhPhP - Quality Mark

Businesses and buyers want to be sure that they are making the right decisions. Matador and its resellers want to provide their customers with this security.

The VhPhP Quality Mark offers:

Lean production

Matador has been producing according to the Lean Manufacturing philosophy since 2006. This method has been disseminated and applied throughout the entire organization. The objective is to offer the right materials in the right quantity, at the right time without any defects.

The following topics of Lean Manufacturing have been applied:

Cradle2Cradle - Sustainable Production

Our vision on products and raw materials must change from linear to circular. Not from cradle to grave, but from cradle to cradle. At Matador, we are very conscious of our impact on society. Corporate social responsibility is already practised in the design of products and processes, with a focus on the future. We do this, for example, by powder coating (no solvents) and not wet painting.