10918 Reinforced Brick wheelbarrow with puncture proof tyre, capacity 200 Kg


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10918 M-210-CT


M-210-L4 reinforced brick wheelbarrow with puncture proof tyre.

Loadcapacity: 60-bricks.

Extra shore reinforcement (1).

Beamreinforcement (2).

Handle height: 500mm.

Height: front end 540mm.

Steel rim with double closed ball bearings.

Puncture proof tire (foamed polyurethane).

Wear pads to extend the lifetime of the legs.

Ergonomic natural rubber handles especially devised to the form of your hand.

Finished with a powder coating in grey. (no solvents, less harmful to the environment).

  • Oval tube (lighter and stronger).
  • Extra shore reinforcement (1).
  • Beamreinforcement (2).
  • Natural rubber handle especially the shape of your hand.
  • Puncture proof tyre (foamed polyurethane).
  • Steel rim with double sealed ball bearings.

Reinforced Brick and tile wheelbarrow, 60 bricks, puncture proof tyre

Weight: 19,6 Kg.
Capacity: 200 Kg. high density carefree tyre
Measurements: (LxWxH) 1440x600x940mm
platform: (LxWxH) 450x450mm
Height: handle 500mm
Height: front end 540

EAN CODE: 8717185611069,
Product group: Wheelbarrows

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Weight 19,6 kg
Dimensions 60 mm

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